Soccer Skills Challenge

We concentrate on the following key areas.




Welcome to the iSportScouting soccer skills challenge

Master The Ball, Master The Game

Are you ready to take your soccer skills to the next level?

The iSportScouting Soccer Skills Challenge is here to transform your game with a focus on six essential soccer techniques that are the cornerstone of every great player.

Whether you're a coach, a teacher, or a young aspiring soccer star, this challenge is your gateway to soccer excellence.

The iSportScouting Soccer Skills Challenge is a comprehensive program designed to evaluate and improve your technical prowess on the pitch.

Each challenge is designed to reflect the technical ability of players and comes with a tailored learning program of practices and games, complete with key coaching factors to guide improvement in each technique.

We concentrate on the following six key areas

Running With The Ball

Enhance your ability to move quickly across the field while maintaining control of the ball.

Turning With The Ball

Learn to outmaneuver opponents with agile turns and clever ball-handling.


Develop explosive power to change direction swiftly without losing momentum.


Refine your footwork to weave through defenses with ease.


Gain the precision to direct the ball exactly where you want it, using the right force and angle.


Sharpen your shooting skills to finish with confidence and accuracy.

Performance goals and personal development

Set Goals, See Improvement

The iSportScouting Soccer Skills Challenge encourages players to set performance goals and focus on personal development.

By emphasizing self-improvement over competition, players are more likely to stay motivated, enjoy their sport, and continue participating.

Who Can Participate?

The iSportScouting Soccer Skills Challenge is perfect for boys and girls of any ability, from under 7s to 18 years of age.

Coaches and teachers will find this program a valuable tool in developing the skills of their players, fostering an environment of growth and learning.

It's As Easy As 1-2-3

  1. Test Your Skills: Engage with the six Skills Challenges and put your abilities to the test.
  2. Record Your Progress: Input your test scores on the iSportScouting website to track your development.
  3. Celebrate Your Achievement: Print off the Skills Challenge Certificate as a testament to your hard work and dedication.

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What Coaches Are Saying

Paul Cox - Ex-Pro Player, EFL Manager
Oct 20, 2023

Paul Cox - Ex-Pro Player, EFL Manager

Having been in the football/soccer industry for 30+ years I can honestly say there is no better way to develop players than iSportScouting.

Brian Lee - Scout
Jan 17, 2024

Brian Lee - Blackpool FC Scout

iSportScouting is a game-changer for coaches, players, and scouts. It's a must-have for smarter recruiting and effective player development.

What Parents And Players Are Saying

Feb 20, 2024

Parent - Hindley Town Bulls (u9s)

We have finished reading through the report and thank you so much for taking the time to put all the lads through. We have fed parts of it back to Arthur so he knows what he could do if he wants to improve. The level of detail means that he is under no illusion as to what he could do to build his skills. I think he dad has enjoyed it too because it has given him an indication of what they could play in the garden to help Arthur improve as well as little things like getting out on the bikes more or running. Thanks again for indulging his love of football and coaching in a way that not only makes them better players so they can enjoy playing more competitively but makes them better sportsmen.

Feb 22, 2024

Parent - Hindley Town Bulls (u9s)

We are really impressed with the standards of professionalism shown by yourself Brian, we find it speaks volumes in regards to your committment and relationship you are building with Charlie and the team. You don’t only highlight his best qualities on the pitch you also state what he has to work towards and how there is room for improvement meaning his training sessions will always have a purpose and and the end goal to always achieve better which I find gives charlie motivation and determination to be the best he can be. Football is more than a hobby to Charlie, it is his whole life, his complete passion and dream and with this kind of training, guidance and understanding I hope one day he will achieve his goals. We are looking forward to the next one to see how he has grown and we trust the process completely

Feb 20, 2024

Parent - Hindley Town Bulls (u9s)

Troy was over the moon when he found out that he had scored too marks in the shooting challenge. This has really helped with confidence and we have seen a positive impact on both training and in matches as he now knows what he needs to work on and is very keen to do so.

Feb 21, 2024

Cullen – Hindley Town Bulls u9s player

The Soccer Skills Challenge was really fun! I got to practice my dribbling, passing, and shooting, and it made me feel like a real football star. It's definitely helped me become a better player, and I can't wait for more challenges!

Feb 20, 2024

Ben – Hindley Town Bulls u9s player

The iSportScouting report is an excellent way of recording and documenting your childs progress in football, from the skills challenge incorporating key disciplines like running, turning, speed, dribbling, heading and shooting to the assessment showcasing what areas your child is proficient in and more importantly the areas your child needs to work on and develop, the report gives you the ingredients to improve which ultimately every parent would want for their child, looking forward to further reports to benchmark the progress made, thank you iSport and Brian.