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Showcase your skills to academies worldwide

With Academy Connect, players can effortlessly upload videos of their games, showcasing their skills on the field.

Our dedicated team will tag each skill demonstrated in the video and visually highlight the player's position on the field, providing coaches with invaluable insights into their performance and abilities.

Connect directly with coaches

iSportScouting has a database of academies, giving players the opportunity to connect directly with coaches at their desired institutions.

With just a simple invitation, coaches can access the player's showcase of videos, opening doors to potential opportunities for growth and advancement in their athletic career.

Communication is key, which is why we've integrated messaging features for coaches and players to connect online. Whether it's discussing opportunities or arranging tryouts, iSportScouting is the perfect place for players to find their next academy.

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What Coaches Are Saying

Paul Cox - Ex-Pro Player, EFL Manager
Oct 20, 2023

Paul Cox - Ex-Pro Player, EFL Manager

Having been in the football/soccer industry for 30+ years I can honestly say there is no better way to develop players than iSportScouting.

Brian Lee - Scout
Jan 17, 2024

Brian Lee - Blackpool FC Scout

iSportScouting is a game-changer for coaches, players, and scouts. It's a must-have for smarter recruiting and effective player development.